About Us

Being former Athletes we were always told hydrate and to take care of our bodies. It seemed like the further we went in our athletic career the more emphasis there was about drinking and eating healthy.

Growing up we drank and ate whatever our mother could afford and had no idea what it was doing to us internally.

At some point we all thought food was just food and water was just water.

As we educated ourselves, and soon realized this was not true.

Our Perspective is that there is no gray area in life.
Its Either Good or Bad in life… This goes for Drinking, reading, eating, listening, watching, thinking and doing (Good Or Bad).

This ties back to Alkaline (Good) or Acidic (Bad) Food / Water (liquid) Chart
and educating the community, we are what we eat & drink.

The more we eat/drink on a acidic (negative) spectrum, higher the
chances we may develop physical problems (bacteria, mucus, disease etc.)

The more we eat/drink on the alkaline (positive) spectrum, Our body thrives off high electrical charge and its tough for (Bacteria , mucus, disease etc.) to live in a highly charged (positive) environment.

We know the importance of water not just for humans but for overall life on earth. Our bodies being over 70% water – why not take care of your body and HYDRATE THE RIGHT WAY with Water Tree Life – Crisp, Clean and Refreshing. The Way Nature Intended it to be !!

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